Violette Bellflower
(Pirouette Passiflore)
Passiflore 48 (Pirouette)
Violette practises sign language in episode 3.22, "Rübensaft und Liebestaumel."
Also known as (German) Quinie
Voiced by Rhonda Millar (English version, 1st season)
Notable appearances Book:
Violette's Daring Adventure
"La fée Pirouette"
"Pirouette et la cigogne"
"Quinie muss gerettet werden"
Relatives Papa Bramble
Aunt Zinnia
Siblings Periwinkle
Love interests Romeo (in "Rübensaft und Liebestaumel")

Violette Bellflower is one of the five Bellflower children. She is the most daring among her siblings, as the book Violette's Daring Adventure proves.


  • Huriet, Geneviève and Loïc Jouannigot. Violette's Daring Adventure. Beechwood Bunny Tales. Trans. Amy Bauman, from Le défi de Pirouette Passiflore. ISBN 0-8368-0912-2. Milwaukee: Gareth Stevens, 1991. Accessed on May 3, 2008.

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