Full name "Téléviseurs associés" or "Télédiffuseurs associés" (depending on source; both roughly translate to Associated Telecasters)
Launch date 1963 (formally organized 1971)
Country of origin Canada
Availability Quebec, parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and northern U.S. via antenna, nationally (in Canada) via cable
Slogan Current:
"C'est vrai" (It's real)
"Le sens de la télé" (The meaning of television)
"Le Réseau d'Ici" (The network from Here)
Owner Groupe TVA (Quebecor Media)
Official website

TVA is a privately-owned French-language television network based in Quebec, Canada. It is presently owned by Groupe TVA Inc., a publicly-traded subsidiary of Quebecor Média.

The network only has affiliates in its home province, although two of them have rebroadcast transmitters in New Brunswick, and another can be seen in the Ottawa television market. Since 1998, it has been available on cable across Canada. It is widely considered to be the French counterpart of CTV. In fact, its logo is similar to CTV's, although the two networks have never been jointly owned.

TVA is short for Téléviseurs associés or Télédiffuseurs associés, depending on the source (both can be roughly translated to "Associated Telecasters"). The name reflects TVA's roots as a cooperative network owned by its affiliates. However, only the initials are used on-air.

A subsidiary, TVA International, handled production on the first season of The Bellflower Bunnies during 2000 and 2001.

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  • CBC, the Quebec version of which now airs The Bellflower Bunnies

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