"Sacré manège" (3.23)
Passiflore 49
The Bellflower brothers take a ride on the carousel.
Characters Bellflower family
Broadcast information
Title"Ein Bruder für alle Fälle"
Air dateMay 23, 2008
This episode has not been released on DVD as yet.
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"Sacré manège" is the 49th episode of the animated series The Bellflower Bunnies. It will air on July 29, 2008 under that title on TFO in Ontario, Canada. In Germany, it premiered on KI.KA on May 23, 2008 as "Ein Bruder für alle Fälle."

In the episode, the young bunnies try out an old carousel machine. But when they break it down, it could land them into trouble with its owner and his brother.