"Roméo et Pirouette" (3.22)
Passiflore 48 (Romarin & Mistouflet)
Poppy and Mistletoe compete with Romeo in a scene from this episode.
Characters Poppy
Broadcast information
Title"Rübensaft und Liebestaumel"
Air dateMay 22, 2008
This episode has not been released on DVD as yet.
Episode Guide
"Die Suche nach dem Auserwählten"
"Ein Bruder für alle Fälle"

"Roméo et Pirouette" is the 48th episode of the animated series The Bellflower Bunnies. It will air on July 28, 2008 under that title on TFO in Ontario, Canada. In Germany, it premiered on KI.KA on May 22, 2008 as "Rübensaft und Liebestaumel."

In the episode, Mistletoe and Poppy become rivals with Romeo, a race car driver; even Violette falls in love with him, much to the chagrin of her brothers. Little do the Bellflowers suspect that he could be a fraud, and so they come up with a way to match his success.

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