from Beechwood Bunny Tales
and The Bellflower Bunnies
Species Frog
First appeared in Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball
Quotes "Pay attention, bunny. It's all in the back legs. These are the basic jumps: poing, poing, hop, and into the grass. Finally, the most glorious of all: poing, poing, plouf, and into the pond!" (Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball, p. 16)

Rainette is a frog who appears in the first Beechwood Bunny Tale, Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball, and its TV adaptation "Le premier bal d'Agaric." She is a "stern teacher" who lives in a pond.[1]

Thanks to Magda the magpie, Periwinkle learns his dance steps from Rainette, along with the Wood Pigeon, before the Full Moon Ball takes place. According to Magda, "She has the best leaping legs in the business."[2]

Despite the fact that he cannot swim, Periwinkle soon learns hard to hop just like her. When they are done, he is finally able to "poing and plouf" as well as she can.[3]


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