Supporting character
from The Bellflower Bunnies
Species Rabbit
First appeared in Book:
Family Moving Day
"Room to Move"
Love interests possibly Periwinkle

Pimpernelle is a rabbit who is a supporting character on The Bellflower Bunnies. She first appears at the end of the first episode, "Room to Move." She was formerly the Bellflowers' neighbour until the time that family moved.

Relationship with PeriwinkleEdit

She and Periwinkle are friends, and maybe both have crushes on each other. The great evidence of this, is on Pimpernelle's second appearance, the episode "L'invention d'Onésime." At the beginning of the episode, both are looking at the stars romantically, while talking about what they want to do when they grow up. Periwinkle mentions that he wants to be a painter, and he will draw drawings bigger than a house. When Pimpernelle is about to leave and she is talking about the invention fair organized by her father, Periwinkle closes his eyes and he is seen like he is attempting to be kissed by Pimpernelle, but she passes by without noticing it. Later in the episode, she and Periwinkle end trapped on a pirate island ruled by otters, and soon after are rescued by the habitants of Beechwood Grove, and the very last scene on the episode shows Periwinkle and Pimpernelle again looking at the sky while eating Passionfruit, and Pimpernelle tells Periwinkle that when she goes older, she wants to have a boyfriend who draws her a lot of drawings bigger than a house, quoting what Periwinkle said above.Also, in Pimpernelle´s next appearance, on Parfum d'amour, after a fragance caused Periwinkle to fall in love with her and with Clara, he chooses cinderella episode pimpernelle fell asleep dream hearself as cinderella when cinderella is lived stepmother,aunt zinia and 1 stepsister violette. one day prince periwinkle invited all ladies to be his princess at the party. cinderella want to go but stepmother and her stepsister won't let her, suddenly a fairy, poppy make her gown,coach, horses & coach men and he warned cinderella to be back by midnight and everything will change back at the party cinderella dance with prince periwinkle and at midnight she ran and lost her shoe.


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