Periwinkle Bellflower
(Agaric Passiflore)
Passiflore 35 (Agaric)
Periwinkle, as seen in "Parfum d'amour" (episode 3.9).
Also known as (German) Dex
Voiced by Rhonda Millar (The Bellflower Bunnies, 1st season)
Notable appearances Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball
Relatives Papa Bramble
Aunt Zinnia
Siblings Poppy
Neighbours Pimpernelle

Periwinkle Bellflower is one of the seven members of the Bellflower family of rabbits, and also one of the five children therein. He lives, along with them, "in a shady corner of Beechwood Grove."

Periwinkle was the title character of the first Beechwood Bunny Tale, Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball, in which he was tricked by a magpie named Magda.

Periwinkle is usually shy, as can be seen in the 1992 story, Family Moving Day, and the 2001 TV episode based on it, "Room to Move." he appeared super rabbit periwinkle dreams about super rabbit save miss lady [pimpernelle] from mr.godfather [poppy] in Super rabbit The movie. He loves his girlfriend, Pimpernelle.He is The Super Rabbit Parody of Super Man.He Is 9 Years old, and has spiky hair.


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