"Parfum d'amour" (3.9)
Characters Periwinkle
Aunt Zinnia
Broadcast information
Air dateJune 13, 2007
Title"Dex und das Liebesparfüm"
Air dateMay 5, 2008
This episode has not been released on DVD as yet.
Episode Guide
"Les Passiflore et le Barapoul"
"Pirouette et la cigogne"

"Parfum d'amour" is the 35th episode of The Bellflower Bunnies. It aired on June 13, 2007 on the TF1 network.

In this episode, Periwinkle meets Clara and her mother, a perfumist. Then, a special fragrance made by Clara's mother causes Periwinkle to fall in love with Clara. But soon after, the fragance also causes the Bellflower child to fall in love with his friend and neighbour, Pimpernelle.

Soon, Periwinkle goes with Aunt Zinnia, who tells him that he must choose the girl whom he truly loves. Although his decision is very tough, it leads to him ultimately choosing... Pimpernelle.

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