Papa Bramble
(Onésime Passiflore)
Also known as (German) Geronius
Notable appearances Book:
L'invention d'Onésime Passiflore
"L'invention d'Onésime"
Speciality / Occupation Gardener
Relatives Aunt Zinnia
Children Dandelion
Quotes "Everything's better when you work together." ("Balloonatic Bunnies," episode 1.4)

Papa Bramble, or Bramble Bellflower, is one of the seven Bellflower rabbits, and one of the two grown-ups in said family. His five children are Periwinkle, Dandelion, Poppy, Mistletoe and Violette.

In both the books and TV show, Bramble wears a shirt of red-and-yellow vertical stripes, and a red jacket. He is never seen without a red bow over his neck.

According to descriptions of the TV show on various French websites, Papa Bramble's wife (and the kids' mother) was killed by a hunter ages ago. Because of this, he and his children had to move to Aunt Zinnia's.