Mistletoe Bellflower
(Mistouflet Passiflore)
Passiflore 47 (Mistouflet)
Mistletoe as seen in episode 3.21, "Die Suche nach dem Auserwählten."
Also known as (Spanish) Farsete Pasaflor
(German) Rackie (show), Charly Langohr (books)
Voiced by Flora Balzano (French version, second season)
Notable appearances Book:
Mistletoe and the Baobab Tree
"Slide On"
"Holiday with Love"
"Papa Bramble's Secret"
"Vacances de rêve"
Relatives Papa Bramble
Aunt Zinnia
Siblings Periwinkle
Love interests Gamba (from "Holiday with Love," episode 2.15)

Mistletoe Bellflower is one of the five Bellflower children. Throughout the Bellflower franchise, he wears a recognisable shirt and cap consisting of light and deep pink stripes.

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