"Les Passiflore à la mer" (3.8)
Characters Bellflower family
Based on Les Passiflore à la mer
Broadcast information
Air dateJune 6, 2007
Title"Ein Urlaub am Meer"
Air dateMay 2, 2008
This episode has not been released on DVD as yet.
Episode Guide
"Les Passiflore et le Barapoul"
"Parfum d'amour"

"Les Passiflore à la mer" is the 34th episode of The Bellflower Bunnies. It aired on June 6, 2007 on the TF1 network.

In the episode, Papa Bramble takes his family to the seaside, where the children take sailing lessons and help a friend. Later, their day is ruined when Dandelion gets caught in a smugglers' trap.

This is the last episode to be based on an original Beechwood Bunny Tale.

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