Le Jardin de Dentdelion Passiflore
Written by Geneviève Huriet
Illustrations by Loïc Jouannigot
Leading / title character Dandelion
Characters Bellflower family
Grandfather Theo
TV episode "A Garden for Dandelion" (2.3)
Publishing information
Publication order (List of books)
Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball
Mistletoe and the Baobab Tree

Dandelion's Vanishing Vegetable Garden (French: Le jardin de Dentdelion Passiflore) is the second book in the Beechwood Bunny Tales series. It was originally published by France's Éditions Milan in 1988, and in the United States by Gareth Stevens in 1991.

In the book, Papa Bramble gives Dandelion, the main character, his first garden plot. But the small bunny's attempts are ruined when a hungry turtle, Tallulah, devours all that he has grown.

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