Dandelion Bellflower
(Dentdelion Passiflore)
Passiflore 45 (Dentdelion)
Dandelion takes care of duties in "Chez Zinia" (episode 3.19).
Also known as (German) Peppino
(Spanish) Dentellón Pasaflor
Voiced by Christine Byrd (Spanish version)
Notable appearances Books:
Dandelion's Vanishing Vegetable Garden
Les Passiflore à la mer
"A Garden for Dandelion"
"Les Passiflore et le Barapoul"
"Les Passiflore à la mer"
Relatives Papa Bramble
Aunt Zinnia
Siblings Periwinkle

Dandelion is the smallest of the five Bellflower children. His outfit consists of a yellow shirt and a small red jacket. In the books, a blue crescent moon is on the shirt; on the TV show, a carrot is printed on it instead.

Because of his size and age, Dandelion is often prone to dangerous situations, as "Les Passiflore à la mer" and a recent episode, "Arsène et compagnie," prove. Also, throughout various books and episodes, his siblings occasionally tell him he is too small to do what he wants.

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